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ANR Generic Call for Proposals

The ANR is launching its generic call for proposals for the year 2018 (GENERIC CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2018). It is open to all scientific disciplines and all types of research, from the most fundamental projects to applied research conducted as part of a partnership with a company, especially SMEs and very small businesses.

THE GENERIC CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2018 corresponds to the principal "Research and innovation" component of the Work Programme 2018, which has been simplified (link) and is now structured by research theme.

  • A total of 36 research themes are presented in the framework of the nine societal challenges*.
  • Three themes fall outside the challenge framework, supporting certain fundamental disciplines.
  • Eight research themes are cross-disciplinary challenges at the crossroads of several challenges (“Interchallenge” themes).

Every theme corresponds to a scientific evaluation committee (SEC).

For improved disciplinary and cross-disciplinary identification, commensurate with the challenges, the project leader will choose a research theme that corresponds to a scientific evaluation committee (SEC).

Two-stage selection process

The review process for the GENERIC CALL FOR PROPOSALS takes place in two stages:

  • The first stage consists of submitting a preliminary proposal online.

The preliminary proposal is reviewed by two members of the SEC. The SEC then holds a plenary session to review the proposals and collectively determine which preliminary proposal applicants will be invited to submit a detailed proposal for the second stage.

  • The coordinators of the preliminary proposals selected at the end of this first stage will be invited to submit a detailed proposal online, which will be reviewed in the second stage.

The detailed proposals are reviewed by a minimum of two external experts appointed by the members of the SEC.

Once the review process is completed, proposal coordinators are invited to respond to the experts' comments or questions. The SEC will then hold a plenary session to examine each proposal based on all these elements, in order to make a final assessment and collectively determine a ranking for the proposals.


Stage 1

  • Launch of submission website: 26 September 2017
  • Deadline for submission of preliminary PRC (Collaborative Research Projects)/PRCE (Collaborative Research Projects – Enterprises)/JCJC (Young Researchers) proposals: 26 October 2017 at 1 pm (Paris time)
  • Stage 1 results: mid-February 2018

Stage 2

  • Launch of submission website for detailed PRC/PRCE/JCJC and PRCI (Collaborative Research Projects – International) proposals: end of February 2018
  • Deadline for submission of detailed proposals: end of March 2018
  • Publication of first results for PRC/PRCE/JCJC instruments: July 2018

(The publication of PRCI proposal results depends on the schedule of negotiations with foreign funding agencies)

Funding instruments

The GENERIC CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2018 deploys a range of funding instruments open to all scientific disciplines and all types of research, from the most fundamental projects to finalised or applied research conducted as part of a partnership with a company, especially SMEs and very small businesses.

These instruments are used to fund:

  • individual research projects led by Young Researchers (JCJC),
  • collaborative research projects between public entities in a national or international context (PRC and PRCI respectively) and public and private entities with a potential opening to the world of business (PRCE).

Researchers submitting a project should at the same time choose the funding instrument that will best serve the scientific objectives and requirements of their project.

Who can submit a proposal?

Any chair/permanent member of an academic research laboratory of French equivalent, or of a French company conducting research and development work in France, for all instruments, including the JCJC instrument, which is aimed particularly at doctors who completed their PhD thesis less than ten years ago.

All consortia (PRC/PRCE/PRCI) must work with at least one public academic research laboratory or French equivalent.

Please note: Applicants may not be involved with any more than three proposals submitted as part of the Work Programme 2018 (including all calls for proposals), or a maximum of: one coordinator role and two partnerships, or three partnerships.

Application date
26 Oct 2017
Europe France North-East North-West Paris Île-de-France South-East South-West
Humanities Anthropology & Ethnology Archaeology Architecture Art & Art History Classical Studies Digital Humanities History Linguistics Literature Media Studies Music & Musicology Philosophy Religion & Theology Social sciences Business and Administrative Sciences Communication Sciences Demography Economics Environmental Sciences Gender Studies Geography International Relations Law Pedagogic & Education Research Political science Psychology & Cognitive Sciences Social Anthropology Sociology Other Agronomy Biology Chemistry Computer science Engineering Mathematics Medicine Physics
Required post-doc experience: 
between 0 and 99 years