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Instructions - header

What is fund┋it?

fund┋it collects and presents on a single site all research grants and fellowships (post-PhD) available for scholars in the social sciences and humanities. Want to come to France? Find a residential fellowship somewhere in the world? Or simply seek funding for your research project? fund┋it is there to support you in finding valuable information. We find it, you fund┋it!

Who is fund┋it for?

• Postdocs, senior scholars and advanced graduate students from outside France wishing to come to France

• French postdocs, senior scholars and advanced graduate students wishing to go abroad or to find funding opportunities

  • Nota : All international fellowships and funding opportunities listed on fund┋it are guaranteed to be open to French scholars or scholars affiliated with a French institution. However, in most cases other nationalities are also eligible.
  • Instructions for use - colonne 1

    Instructions - colonne 1

    1) A database

    fund┋it: a gold mine of valuable information

    You want to move, set off, go international, simply discover all the possibilities for conducting your research outside France? You want to come to France for a research stay? You are looking for grants to fund a research program?

    STEP 1
    Choose and set your future course.

    • You would like to spend some time in France for a research project? -> Choose Come to France​
    • You want an opportunity for a research stay abroad? -> Choose Go international​
    • You are looking for European or international research grants? -> Choose Individual Research or Collaborative Research

    It's as easy as that !

    STEP 2 
    Finding a call for applications

    Once you have chosen the area you are interested in, you will find a list of all open calls matching your search. There is a call catching your attention? Just click on it, you will find every essential bit of information, and if you'd like to apply just follow the link on the top right corner. For that matter don't forget to set up your fund┋it user account.

    STEP 3
    Refining and saving your search results

    The list of open calls seems endless? You would like to refine your results? You will find several filter options on the left allowing you to select certain disciplines, certain destinations, certain institution types, or certain topics. Choose, submit, and check out the offers!
    You have come across your dream project? Bookmark it, so you can easily find it again in your user account.

    STEP 4 
    Never miss a call again!

    So you have come across your dream project, but you would still like to stay up to date on upcoming calls? Or you haven't found the perfect call yet, but certainly don't want to miss it when it comes up?

    Sort your results by means of the filter menu on the left and "Save your search": set up your account if you haven't done so yet (takes you two minutes maximum), and we will let you know on a daily or weekly basis if there are new calls matching your saved search. You can set up new searches, edit existing ones, or delete them as you please in your user account.

    * Good to know n°1
    fund┋it is also a database for funding or host institutions in the social sciences and humanities. When there are no interesting open calls for you, just follow the link on top of the page, browse through the institutions, maybe find an interesting one and bookmark it to be notified about its upcoming calls.

    * Good to know n°2
    For some calls, you will find contact information about someone who will be happy to help you with your application. A precious resource for the success of your project, so don't hesitate to use it.

    * Good to know n°3
    If you know about an open call that is not yet listed on fund┋it, you can submit it to us. Simply use the "Submit a call" button on the bottom left and send us your suggestion, we will publish it as soon as possible. Your help is greatly appreciated!

  • Instructions for use - colonne 2

    Instructions - colonne 2

    2) A whole community

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  • Instructions for use 70colonne 2

    Instructions - colonne 2

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Instructions - colonne 2

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