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Call for Proposals for Research Projects in the Fields of Money, Banking and Financial Economics

The Banque de France Foundation for Research is pleased to announce its call for proposals for research projects. The total amount earmarked for the call may reach EUR 120,000, allocated to at most four grants. The amount of the research grants will be determined by the project financing plans. The objective is to attract academic research projects that lead to topical papers in the field of monetary, financial and banking economics.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, theoretical or empirical work in the following areas:

  • Monetary policy and prices (including asset prices): monetary policy strategy and uncertainty, interaction with financial variables, micro data and nominal rigidities, interaction with fiscal policies, exchange rate policies, unconventional monetary policies and normalisation;
  • Potential growth: productivity, rigidities, structural reforms;
  • Financial stability: competition, liquidity, pro-cyclicality, macroprudential regulation; risk assessment (systemic or micro-level), financial crises, financial regulation;
  • Financial institutions and financial markets: green finance, financial innovation, corporate finance, balance sheet structures;
  • International macro: global imbalances, international coordination, globalisation and growth.

Projects should result in a research paper suitable for submission to a major international journal. Laureates must commit to presenting their work at a seminar at the Banque de France in the two years following the grant, as well as at a conference organised by the Foundation. In addition, a member of the research team should commit to visiting a research centre (university, research lab, etc.) located in France or at the Banque de France, for a minimum of one week, during the research period or on the occasion of the above-mentioned seminar or conference presentation.

Who can apply?

The Foundation is committed to equality and diversity. To ensure that its sponsorship reflects the diversity of today’s world, the Foundation ensures that its selection procedures guarantee equal opportunities, treatment and access to all candidates, regardless of their sex, race, colour ethnic or social origins, genetic features, language, religion or political persuasion or any other beliefs, belonging to a national minority, wealth, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation. The concrete steps the Foundation has taken to turn equal opportunities and diversity into a working reality include:

  • The Foundation seeks to ensure that committees and councils are balanced, so as to limit the risks of discrimination or subjectivity. To this end, it appoints members from diverse backgrounds and seeks to ensure a balance in terms nationalities, languages and gender;
  • It reminds the members of the committees and councils in charge of assessing the applications about the values of equality of opportunity and equality of treatment;
  • In order to support mixed teams comprising both women and men, as well as teams of young researchers, the Foundation strives to ensure that when comparing equal projects, the projects proposed by mixed teams and/or young researchers are favoured (see pre-selection below). A mixed team is taken to mean a team comprising both male and female researchers. A team of young researchers is taken to mean a team whose most experienced member defended his/her Ph.D. thesis less than 6 years ago.

The Foundation aims to fund at least one project proposed by a team of young researchers.

In order to support international cooperation, especially cooperation within the European Union (EU) as well as cooperation between the EU and non-EU countries, applications are restricted to teams with at least one member whose primary affiliation is with an institution based in the EU.

The same researcher cannot be awarded more than three research grants by the Foundation over a ten year moving period.


30 November 2018: deadline for submission.

Mid-January 2019: pre-selection of about 8 research projects for the selection seminar. Pre-selection is performed by the Evaluation Committee based on the following eight criteria, each one receiving an equal weight on a 1-3 scale.

  • Is the research agenda clear?
  • Is it relevant?
  • Is it realistically feasible?
  • Is it innovative?
  • Is it an international collaboration?
    • Applications are restricted to teams with at least one member whose primary affiliation is with an institution based in the EU. Among eligible teams, a grade of 3 is allocated to multi-country teams with at least one member based in France, a grade of 2 is allocated to teams comprising only researcher(s) based in France or other multi-country teams, and a grade of 1 is allocated to eligible teams with all members in the same country and which country is not France.
  • What are the team's credentials with regard to the subjects proposed?
  • Is it a mixed team comprising both women and men?
    • For this criterion, a grade of 3 is allocated to team comprising both male and female researchers, as well as to teams made of only one researcher, and a grade of 1 is allocated to teams involving several researchers of the same gender.
  • Does the team comprise young researchers?
    • For this criterion, a grade of 3 is allocated to teams whose most experienced member defended his/her Ph.D. thesis less than 6 years ago, a grade of 2 is allocated to teams comprising at least one researcher who defended his/her Ph.D. thesis less than 6 years ago, and a grade of 1 is allocated to teams that do not satisfy one the two preceding cases.

Between end-January 2019 and mid-February 2019: selection seminar (45 minutes presentation of the project to the Evaluation Committee, video-conference is possible).

Between mid-February 2019 and mid-March 2019: The Board awards the research grants based on a proposal by the Evaluation Committee.

How to apply?

The submission form is available on the Banque de France Foundation’s website (page on sponsorship/research grants).

Application forms should be sent by email by 30 November 2018, to The Banque de France Foundation will acknowledge receipt of the applications at the earliest opportunity

Application date
30 Nov 2018
12-18 months
Europe France Paris Île-de-France
Social sciences Business and Administrative Sciences Economics Law Political science
Required post-doc experience: 
between 0 and 99 years
Grants available
Award granted
Up to € 120.000