Dumbarton Oaks Research Fellowships

Fellowships are awarded to Byzantine, Garden and Landscape, and Pre-Columbian scholars on the basis of demonstrated scholarly ability and preparation of the candidate, including knowledge of requisite languages, interest and value of the study or project, and the project’s relevance to the resources of Dumbarton Oaks.

Applications for Project Grants, Regular, Junior, Tyler, and Summer Fellowships are due November 1. Plant Humanities Fellowships are due December 1.

Fellowships and Junior Fellowships

Fellowships and Junior Fellowships are normally awarded for the academic year (September 9, 2019, to May 8, 2020). During this time, recipients are expected to be in residence at Dumbarton Oaks and to devote full time to their study projects without undertaking any other major activities. Except for Plant Humanities Fellowships, awards may also be made for a single term (either September 9, 2019, to January 3, 2020, or January 21 to May 8, 2020).

Support includes a stipend of $21,000 for a Junior Fellow or $35,000 for a Fellow for the full academic year; housing (a housing allowance may be offered instead of housing if Dumbarton Oaks is unable to provide accommodations; successful applicants from the greater Washington metropolitan area will not be offered housing); lunch on weekdays; and the health insurance contribution from Dumbarton Oaks. Travel expense reimbursement for the lowest available economy airfare or rail travel (or mileage if less than the equivalent economy airfare), up to a maximum of $1,100 for domestic travel or $1,600 for international travel, may be provided for Fellows and Junior Fellows if support cannot be obtained from other sources (such as a Fulbright travel grant). Reimbursement of Visa fees is also provided for Fellows, but not for dependents.

Fellowships are prorated for appointments shorter than the full academic year. Dumbarton Oaks anticipates that sabbatical salary or funds from other sources may supplement awards, particularly to Fellows. Fellows may hold other grants with the knowledge and permission of both the grantors and Dumbarton Oaks.

For junior fellowship applicants, official graduate transcripts must be postmarked by November 1 and mailed to: Manager of Academic Programs, Dumbarton Oaks, 1703 32nd St. NW Washington, DC 20007.

Summer Fellowships

Summer Fellowships are awarded for a period of seven weeks. The 2019 summer fellowship term is June 17 to August 2.

Awards provide a maintenance allowance of $250 per week; housing in a Dumbarton Oaks apartment; lunch on weekdays; the health insurance contribution from Dumbarton Oaks; and travel expense reimbursement (not to exceed the lowest available airfare, to a maximum of $1,100 for domestic travel or $1,600 for international travel) if other travel support cannot be obtained.


Please note that five years must elapse between the end of a Fellowship term and reappointment to a Fellowship. Three years must elapse between the end of a Fellowship term and appointment to a summer Fellowship; likewise three years must elapse between the end of a summer fellowship and appointment to a Fellowship. Two years must elapse between the end of a Fellowship term and the offer of a One-Month Research Award. 


For non-U.S. citizens, Dumbarton Oaks provides J-1 visas for the term of the Fellowship appointment, as part of our U.S. Department of State-designated Exchange Visitor Program. Please be advised that scholars who have been in the United States with J status within the past 12 months may not qualify for a Dumbarton Oaks J-1 visa unless they were in the United States for a total time of less than six months. These individuals and all other non-U.S. citizens are strongly urged to check their prospective visa status for the requested period of the Fellowship prior to submitting an application.

Other available fellowships

Tyler Fellowships are two-year fellowships designed for Harvard graduate students who have completed all departmental requirements for the PhD before the application deadline. Tyler Fellowships are governed by unique terms.

Plant Humanities Fellowships provide nine months of research and professional development opportunities for advanced graduate students (post-generals or third-year MLA), recent PhD graduates (PhD conferred on or after June 30, 2016), and recent Master of Landscape Architecture graduates (MLA conferred on or after June 30, 2016). Fellows will receive structured training in the digital humanities; undertake research in the Dumbarton Oaks special collections; contribute to the identification of priorities for digitization and bibliographic description; and develop content for the digital tool in close collaboration with JSTOR Labs. Learn more about the Plant Humanities Initiative and the Postdoctoral Appointment in Plant Humanities (application due December 15).


Application date
1 Nov 2018
1 term or 1 academic year
America United States Mid-Atlantic
Humanities Media Studies Art & Art History Literature Philosophy Classical Studies Linguistics Digital Humanities Archaeology Religion & Theology History Anthropology & Ethnology Music & Musicology Architecture
Required post-doc experience: 
between 0 and 99 years
Award granted
US$ 35.000/year + housing allowance + travel funds