GHI Washington Fellowship in the History of Religion and Religiosity

The German Historical Institute, Washington, DC, is now accepting applications for a 6- to 12-month Fellowship in The History of Religion and Religiosity. Potential projects could focus on (but are not limited to) the following areas: The history of any specific religious group or groups in Germany or North America, transnational religious networks and/or the transfer of certain religious belief systems across the Atlantic, and the history of German or American religious leaders. The focus of the proposed research projects should be historical rather than theological in nature and it is essential that they make use of historical methods and engage with the relevant historiography.

The fellowship term begins September 1, 2018. The Fellow is expected to be in residence in Washington, DC, and participate in GHI activities and events. The Fellow will have the opportunity to make use of the resources in the Washington metropolitan area, including the Library of Congress and the National Archives, while pursuing his or her own research. Travel within the US to work in archives and libraries will also be possible. Candidates doing original research for a dissertation or a second book project will be given preference.

The fellowship is open to both doctoral and postdoctoral scholars based in North America and Europe. The monthly stipend is € 2,000 for doctoral students and € 3,400 for postdoctoral scholars. In addition, fellowship recipients based in Europe will receive reimbursement for their round-trip airfare to the U.S.

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