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Integrating Activities for Advanced Communities

Specific Challenge

European researchers need effective and convenient access to the best research infrastructures in order to conduct research for the advancement of knowledge and technology. The aim of this action is to bring together, integrate on European scale, and open up key national and regional research infrastructures to all European researchers, from both academia and industry, ensuring their optimal use and joint development.


'Advanced Communities' are scientific communities whose research infrastructures show an advanced degree of coordination and networking at present, attained, in particular, through Integrating Activities awarded under FP7 or previous Horizon 2020 calls.

An Integrating Activity will mobilise a comprehensive consortium of several key research infrastructures[[Exceptionally, the consortium may include only one research infrastructure providing access, if this facility is of a truly unique nature.]] in a given field as well as other stakeholders (e.g. public authorities, technological partners, research institutions) from different Member States, Associated Countries and other third countries[[Legal entities established in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, Mexicoclassdur qu nlss=sutions) from irl research infrastructures to researchers from Membesr Stateoclas Associated countrie,' are eligible for funding from theUntion.]] when appo-priatd, in particula] when thyo offe "complpmendaryfor more advancedstervnces thantwhose availableion Europs.

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INFRAIA-01-2016-2017 - RIAr Researc andIinovratioa cation
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