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Octávio Lixa Filgueiras Prize on Maritime Culture

The Prize Octávio Lixa Filgueiras instituted by the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo / Municipality of Ílhavo, is designed to promote relevant research in the area of social sciences devoted to issues of maritime culture. The purpose of this award is to invoke and promote the work of one of the most renowned Portuguese researchers in themes of maritime culture, Professor Architect Octávio Lixa Filgueiras.

By instituting the Prize Octávio Lixa Filgueiras, the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo, through its research unit, the CIEMar-Ílhavo, intends to consolidate itself as a museum institution based on dynamic research applied to a cultural project interesting to diverse communities of public. With the Prize Octávio Lixa Filgueiras / Maritime Museum of Ílhavo, the Municipality of Ílhavo also intends to promote and enhance the personal archive of the distinguished investigator that the Museum hosted in 2007 in the form of deposit and, from 2012 on, as an outright donation.

In the 2014 edition the jury decided to declare winner the work written by Amaya Sumpsi, "Caught in the Net: Considerations on the notions of progress and modernity in the fishing community of Porto Formoso". This work presenting unique approach and clear speech, results from the field work in the community of Porto Formoso on the island of São Miguel. It is a study discussing the relationship between tradition and modernity, stimulates reinterpretations of cultural landscapes and boosts asset appreciation of maritime communities. In the 1st edition in 2012, the award was given to the work "Today for you, tomorrow for me. "Xávega in the Portuguese central coast", authored by Oneto Francisco Nunes.

The prize is supposed to award academic dissertations or research by Portuguese or foreign authors within the large fields of Maritime History, Maritime Anthropology, Maritime Archaeology, Maritime Heritage and Museology.

Works resulting from team effort are eligible. They have to be written in English or Portuguese.

Application date
27 May 2016
Europe Portugal
Humanities Anthropology, Ethnology and Folklore Archaeology History
Required post-doc experience: 
between 0 and 99 years
Grants available
Award granted
€ 3.000