One-year Postdoc Research Position in Islamic Studies at Labex Resmed: "Perceptions of the figure of the Prophet Muhammad"

The Laboratory of Excellence (Labex) « Religions and Societies in the Mediterranean » (RESMED) is pleased to announce a one-year postdoctoral position, starting on 1 September 2016 within the framework of the “Islamologie” program, which aims at supporting junior researchers in the study of religious aspects of Islam. The “Islamologie” program is attached to the Labex RESMED.

The research proposal of the candidate should take place within the part of the “Islamologie” program, which studies the perceptions of the figure of the Prophet Muhammad in the Mediterranean world. The candidate can propose a project on a time period of his choice (from Early Islam up to the contemporary period).


The candidate should have defended his/her PhD before 8 April 2016 – and the earliest 10 years before this date – in History of Religious Islamic Thought, Islamic Studies, Religious Studies, or any field related to the research theme (such as Sociology, …). He/she will be trained in historical-critical approach of texts, as well as, preferably (but not exclusively) in History of the Islamic religious ancient and medieval tradition, especially Hadîth and Sîra. He/she should master Classical Arabic, and have extensive knowledge of Islamic History, consciousness about contemporary issues at stake in the interpretation of founding texts of Islam, as well as an opening to Religious Studies in general.

The research project proposed by the candidate should address any aspect of the question of the reception of the figure of Prophet Muhammad, from believers’ perceptions to caricatures. The research proposal may focus on the history of Islamic dogma about the Prophet (for instance, his impeccability or his illiteracy), or on the way one of these dogmas has been perceived within a determined historical milieu. It may also deal with rituals and practice stemming from these dogmas and representations, as well as with the relationship between the believer and the Companions of the Prophet/the Shi’i Imams/or the Sufi saints, as linked to the figure of Muhammad.

The duties of the postdoctoral researcher will be the following:

  • to work on his/her personal research project within the axis 2 of the “Islamologie” program (the Figure of Muhammad from believers’ perceptions to caricatures), as described above;
  • to cooperate in the organisation of a Summer Academy (2017)
  • to cooperate in the organisation of colloquiums/round tables/conferences within the framework of the “Islamologie” program.

Salary: around 1900€ (standard salary for Postdoctoral researchers at Paris-Sorbonne university).

A final report on the activities of the postdoctoral researcher will be asked at the end of the contract.

Application date
8 Apr 2016
Date of residence
1 Sep 2016
1 year
Europe France Paris Île-de-France
Humanities Religion & Theology
Required post-doc experience: 
between 0 and 10 years
Grants available
Award granted
Ca. € 1.900 monthly salary