POLONEZ Fellowship Program for Basic Research in Poland

POLONEZ is an NCN fellowship programme, co-funded from the EU H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, supporting incoming international researchers working in the broad field of basic research, regardless of their nationality. It is targeted at researchers who may apply for 12- or 24-month fellowships in host institutions in Poland, both academic and non-academic, public or private.

Fellowships are targeted at incoming researchers, who wish to carry out research in:

  • research organisations;
  • university research centres established within a single university structure;
  • scientific libraries;
  • enterprises with a research and development centre status as stated in the Act of 30 May 2008 on Certain Forms of Support for Innovation Activities;
  • organisational institutions having legal personality status and which have been established in the Republic of Poland;
  • enterprises conducting research in other organisational forms than those specified above

located in the Republic of Poland.

Conditions for submitting a proposal

Only proposals for financing fellowships lasting 12 or 24 months may be submitted.

A proposal may be submitted only by a person who on the call opening date (15 September 2016):

  • holds a doctoral degree or has at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience;
  • in the period of the three preceding years has not resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies) in Poland for more than 12 months;
  • in the period of the three preceding years has not had the role of a Principal Investigator in research projects carried out in a host institution in Poland, including a project financed by the NCN;
  • is not full-time employed in an institution which is indicated as a host institution in the POLONEZ application;
  • and has not had the role of a Principal Investigator in any other proposal submitted in response to an NCN call for proposal announced on the 15 Septeùber 2016 (including the POLONEZ 3 call for proposals) or any other proposal undergoing an evaluation or appeal procedure.

Proposals must pertain to basic research as stated in the Article 2(3)(a) of the Act on financing science in research disciplines of 30 April 2010 included in the NCN Panels lists, effective on the date of the call for proposal.

The proposal must contain a declaration of the host institution, including the host institution’s undertaking to, among other things:

  • employ the applicant on the basis of a full-time employment contract for the entire period of the fellowship
  • provide the applicant with appropriate conditions for their research work, including office/laboratory space and the research equipment necessary to carry out the research;
  • indicate a research partner – an employee of the host institution of the fellowship, who provides scientific support with the implementation of the project and helps the fellow integrate with the research community of the host institution;
  • ensure the administrative and financial support of the fellowship, including handling the arrival and stay of the applicant in Poland, and to appoint an administrative officer responsible for these activities;
  • organise at least one study visit related to the applicant’s professional interests lasting from 1 to 10 business days per year during the fellowship period. Study visits may not be organised in institutions where the fellow has been previously employed.
  • support the applicant in obtaining the required consent, opinions, authorisations or permits if the research carried out within the fellowship requires formal certification of compliance with ethical standards.


Researcher receives:

  • Salary (incl. mobility allowance): € 4 350 gross/month (full time contract),
  • Family allowance: € 300 gross/month (for fellows whose families stay in Poland for at least 3 months),
  • Research grant,
  • Opportunity to participate in research and non-research training programmes organised by the NCN.

Host Institution receives overheads at a rate of 20%.

Evaluation criteria

The proposal evaluation takes into account in particular:

  • compliance with the basic research criterion;
  • the research achievements of the applicant and his or her research partner employed at the host institution;
  • the quality of the research or tasks to be performed;
  • the impact of the research carried out during the fellowship on the development of the discipline;
  • the impact of the fellowship on the applicant’s career;
  • the dissemination of the results of the research carried out within the fellowship;
  • the adequacy of the host institution selection by the applicant;
  • justification of the costs requested
  • the manner of the proposal preparation, enabling its reliable evaluation.
Application date
15 Dec 2016
12 ou 24 months
Europe Poland
Humanities Anthropology & Ethnology Archaeology Architecture Art & Art History Classical Studies Digital Humanities History Linguistics Literature Media Studies Music & Musicology Philosophy Religion & Theology Social sciences Business and Administrative Sciences Communication Sciences Demography Economics Environmental Sciences Gender Studies Geography International Relations Law Pedagogic & Education Research Political science Psychology & Cognitive Sciences Social Anthropology Sociology Other Agronomy Biology Chemistry Computer science Engineering Mathematics Medicine Physics
Required post-doc experience: 
between 0 and 99 years
Award granted
€ 4.350 gross monthly salary + research funds + family allowance