Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Israel Studies

The Israel Institute awards post-doctoral fellowships to highly qualified candidates in order to foster the growth of the next generation of elite Israel Studies faculty. The fellowships are for up to two years and include a stipend of $51,000 per year. The Institute is seeking recent Ph.D.s who are working on an Israel-focused topic and who are developing courses on modern Israel. Israel presents a rich field for a variety of different social science and humanities topics, and the Institute supports promising scholars who can teach about Israel effectively while also advancing an innovative research agenda. The Israel Institute Post-Doctoral Fellowship provides an opportunity for exceptional candidates to revise their dissertations into books and advance their academic careers while gaining necessary teaching experience. Post-Doctoral Fellows are expected to teach one class each semester. In the rare circumstances when teaching is not possible, Fellows are expected to perform an equivalent academic service, i.e. plan a conference, organize a seminar series, etc.

Israel Institute Post-Doctoral Fellows carry out their fellowships at universities in the United States, Europe and Israel. The Israel Institute accepts applications from candidates who have already secured an unfunded post-doctoral position and who require additional funding, as well as from candidates who are looking for post-doctoral appointments and have not yet secured one. In the case of the latter, the Institute will work to match successful applicants with top universities and can facilitate new post-doctoral positions. In all cases, the Institute’s strong preference is for post-doctoral fellows to do their fellowship in a different country than the one in which they completed their Ph.D., so that candidates with doctorates from U.S. or European universities do fellowships at Israeli universities, and vice versa. This year, Israel Institute post-doctoral fellows hold positions at top universitites on three continents, including the University of California, Berkeley, Oxford, and Hebrew University.


The Israel Institute post-doctoral fellowship is open to candidates who have earned Ph.Ds within the last four years. Fellowship proposals should reflect the Institute’s goal of advancing knowledge and study of modern Israel and can be centered in the social sciences, humanities, law, or art and cultural studies. The Israel Institute is seeking academics of the highest caliber across an array of fields and departments, and advanced knowledge of Israel as well as competency in Hebrew is required.

Application date
30 Oct 2016
Up to 2 years
America United States New England Mid-Atlantic South East South West Great Lakes Mid-West / Plains Rocky Mountain Pacific Europe Albania Germany Andorra Austria Belgium Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Denmark Spain Estonia Finland France Paris Île-de-France South-East South-West North-West North-East Greece Hungary Ireland Iceland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxemburg Macedonia Malta Moldova Monaco Montenegro Norway Netherlands Poland Portugal Czech Republic Romania United Kingdom Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Switzerland Ukraine Middle East Israel
Humanities Anthropology, Ethnology and Folklore Archaeology Architecture Art & Art History Classical Studies Digital Humanities History History & Philosophy of Science Linguistics Literature Media Studies Medical Ethics Music & Musicology Philosophy Religion & Theology Social sciences Business and Administrative Sciences Communication Sciences Demography Economics Environmental Sciences Gender Studies Geography International Relations Law Pedagogic & Education Research Political science Psychology & Cognitive Sciences Social Anthropology Sociology
Required post-doc experience: 
between 0 and 4 years
Award granted
US$ 51.000/yeqr