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UEFA Research Grants on European Football

The UEFA Research Grant Programme was created to support the work of researchers studying for or already holding a PhD and analysing European football from the perspective of a variety of academic disciplines. UEFA hopes to continue helping to get research projects off the ground that its 55 member associations can then use to further develop their own activities and projects.

Consequently, since the 2015/16 cycle, applicants must submit a letter of recommendation written by a representative of a UEFA member association in support of the proposed research. This ensures that projects are developed for and in conjunction with the national associations and that they have the highest practical value possible. This measure has proven highly beneficial and will continuously encourage collaboration between national associations and the academic community.

For the eighth edition (2017/18 cycle), UEFA will award grants for a total value of €90,000 (with a maximum of €15,000 per individual grant) for a period of nine months of research.

Research proposals in the following fields may be submitted for consideration by the UEFA Research Grant Jury:

  • Economics
  • History
  • Law
  • Management
  • Political science
  • Sociology
  • Medical science

The UEFA Research Grant Jury comprises a chairman, representatives of the European football family and academics known internationally for their work in European football or sport in general.

For the upcoming edition, the UEFA Research Grant Programme brochure, regulations, abstracts of previous research projects, the official application form and the mandatory declaration to UEFA can all be found in the supporting documents section on the right.

Application date
31 Mar 2017
9 months
Europe Albania Germany Andorra Austria Belgium Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Denmark Spain Estonia Finland France Paris Île-de-France South-East South-West North-West North-East Greece Hungary Kosovo Ireland Iceland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxemburg Macedonia Malta Moldova Monaco Montenegro Norway Netherlands Poland Portugal Czech Republic Romania United Kingdom Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Switzerland Ukraine
Humanities History Social sciences Business and Administrative Sciences Economics Law Political science Sociology Other Medicine
Required post-doc experience: 
between 0 and 99 years
Award granted
Up to € 15.000