Center for Presidential History (CPH)

Southern Methodist University

The Center for Presidential History (CPH) at Southern Methodist University exists to research and advance understanding of the history of the American presidency.  The CPH pursues this goal primarily through three complementary methods:


The CPH produces and supports research on the history of the American presidency, broadly conceived. Through postdoctoral fellowships, on-campus writing fellowships, and publishing volumes based on its own work, the CPH aims to be a hub for the most current and innovative research in Presidential History.

Lectures, Conferences, and Events on Presidential History

The CPH regularly organizes and hosts a wide variety of lectures, conferences, and events, all centered on the theme of Presidential History.  These events feature educators, journalists, entrepreneurs, current and former policy makers, and historically-minded professionals of all stripes, united in broadening our understanding of presidential history, and its potential for aiding ongoing contemporary debates for our nation’s future course. 

Collective Memory Project

The CPH is conducting an ongoing Collective Memory Project dedicated to enhancing the historical and archival record of various presidential administrations.  For these projects, the CPH will film and archive interviews with members of presidential administrations, as well as both public officials and private citizens who played important roles during those administrations.  The first collective memory project will explore the administration of President George W. Bush, the forty-third president of the United States.  Key subjects this project explores include, but are not limited to: Faith and the Presidency; American Diplomacy: Leaders at Home and Abroad; Staffing the Courts and Justice Department; The Iraq Study group; Education Reform (including No Child Left Behind); and Media Managament and Public Diplomacy.

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