Ecole biblique et archéologique de Jérusalem (EBAF)

Founded in 1890 at the initiative of some religious friars of the St Stephen’s convent led by Father Marie-Joseph Lagrange, the École biblique et archéologique française de Jérusalem (EBAF) brought together brothers who strive to serve the Bible and Church taking the whole reason and faith, intellectual and spiritual life. It now enjoys the support of students, researchers and teachers from all around the world, and diverse spiritual backgrounds.

The main projects of the School are today:

  • Archaeology: Jordan (Samra) and Gaza and, hopefully, one day in parts of the Byzantine convent
  • Bible: with the great project of the “Bible in its Traditions” (BEST)
  • Research: with the library and online catalog
  • University: seminars, publications, various teachings

According to its Statutes, “the École Biblique, through its works, publications, formation of teachers and researchers, has contributed to the progress of biblical science in the Church, and thus also that of Theology and Pastoral, “the study of Sacred Scripture being the soul of sacred theology” as well as that of “pastoral preaching” (Dei Verbum, No. 24). The purpose of the School is to study and make know the Bible as illuminated by its geographical and historical milieu. In addition to the traditional disciplines of exegesis and biblical theology, it extends its scope to related disciplines such as history and geography of the Near East, archaeology of biblical countries, oriental languages. It joins to the theoretical study of these disciplines, the implementation of appropriate methods on the one hand, the exploration of the places mentioned in the Bible on the other hand.”

To implement these objectives, the school hosts, in addition to the teachers who constitute the Academic Council, and most of which reside on site, researchers and students, who come for a variable time (from several weeks to several months or years) and take courses, do library research, learn to know the country, work on a dissertation or a thesis, participate in an archaeological research, complete the drafting of an article or a book etc. The school provides them with thirty rooms, with priority given to regular students, especially those who come for at least one year: see “Studies.”

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