Royal Academy of Engineering

Engineering is at the heart of our nation and our future, transforming ideas and materials into global infrastructure, products and services that in turn increase the wealth and health of our economy and society.

Royal Academy of Engineering

As the UK’s national academy for engineering, we bring together the most successful and talented engineers from across the engineering sectors for a shared purpose: to advance and promote excellence in engineering.

We provide analysis and policy support to promote the UK’s role as a great place to do business. We take a lead on engineering education and we invest in the UK’s world-class research base to underpin innovation. We work to improve public awareness and understanding of engineering.

We are a national academy with a global outlook, and we use our international partnerships to ensure that the UK benefits from international networks, expertise and investment.

The Fellowship

The Academy’s activities are shaped, led and delivered by its exceptional Fellowship, which represents the nation’s best practising engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs, often in leading roles across business and academia.

Strategic challenges

The Academy’s work programmes for 2015-2020 are driven by four strategic challenges, each of which provides a key contribution to a strong and vibrant engineering sector and to the health and wealth of society.

Make the UK the leading nation for engineering innovation

Supporting the development of successful engineering innovation and businesses in the UK in order to create wealth, employment and benefit for the nation.

Address the engineering skills crisis

Meeting the UK’s needs by inspiring a generation of young people from all backgrounds and equipping them with the high quality skills they need for a rewarding career in engineering.

Position engineering at the heart of society

Improving public awareness and recognition of the crucial role of engineers everywhere.

Lead the profession

Harnessing the expertise, energy and capacity of the profession to provide strategic direction for engineering and collaborate on solutions to engineering grand challenges.

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