Santa Fe Institute (SFI)

The Santa Fe Institute is a private, not-for-profit, independent research and education center, founded in 1984, where leading scientists grapple with some of the most compelling and complex problems of our time.

Researchers come to the Santa Fe Institute from universities, government agencies, research institutes, and private industry to collaborate across disciplines, merging ideas and principles of many fields -- from physics, mathematics, and biology to the social sciences and the humanities -- in pursuit of creative insights that improve our world.

Complex systems research attempts to uncover and understand the deep commonalities that link artificial, human, and natural systems. By their very nature, these problems transcend any particular field; for example, if we understand the fundamental principles of organization, we will gain insight into the functioning of such systems as cells in biology, markets and firms in economics, and phase transitions in physics and human social systems. This research relies on theories and tools from across the sciences.

SFI has a steady state of about 30 researchers on site at any one time, with many more in residence during the summer months.

The Institute's scientific and educational missions are supported by philanthropic individuals and foundations, forward-thinking partner companies, and government science agencies.

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