Washington University Center for the Humanities

Washington University in Saint-Louis

The center prides itself on its efforts to promote research and learning in the humanities. One way that it does so is through its one-semester Faculty Fellowship Program. The program is designed to provide a supportive environment for innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship and research.

Washington University faculty who are awarded this competitive fellowship are designated as fellows of the center and are relieved of all teaching and administrative duties for that semester. The fellowships are open to all tenured and tenure-track faculty members in Arts & Sciences. Faculty Fellows are joined in residence at the center each semester by Graduate Student Fellows who are writing dissertations in humanities disciplines.

The center also endows several grants to encourage academic exchange among the university community. One-year and three-year Faculty Seminar Grants are awarded to tenured or tenure-track Washington University faculty who propose to lead a seminar on a particular topic. The three-year seminars provide an informal environment for attendees to share their own thoughts and work concerning the theme. One-year faculty seminar grants hold to the same principles over a shorter amount of time. Reading and Writing Group Grants, renewable annually, are awarded to tenured or tenure-track faculty and Washington University humanities graduate students to create reading groups structured around a particular theme.

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