Brocher Foundation Visiting Researcher Residencies

The Brocher Foundation offers to host Researchers for residencies lasting between 1 and 3 months. Academic visitors can work at the Brocher Centre on projects about ethical, legal and social implications of new medical development. All researchers - from PhD students to full professors ​- ​can ​apply ​to the call for proposals for visiting researchers in 2019.


  • The ​residencies are awarded through a competitive process that takes place once a year
  • The application form must be sent within the relevant timeframe, as specified on the website, ​which ​is updated on a regular basis. The candidates must complete the form and send the requested enclosures. The application form requires information about the  expected dates of arrival and departure, the topic, planning and goal (e.g. thesis, article, book, etc.) of the research as well as the reasons why the Researcher ​intends ​to s​tay at the Centre.
  • Applicants must list two references
  • After a stay at the Brocher Foundation, two years delay must be respected before applying for another stay.


The Foundation decides whether to grant or refuse a residency or scholarship. The selection is made by the scientific Committee. The Foundation has not to justify its decision. Besides receiving a large number of applications, the Brocher Foundation cannot provide personal responses ​to candidates about the outcome of the call.

Length ​of visits

The Researchers are requested to stay for the entire period that is initially decided. The Researcher can spend a maximum of 4 days per month abroad in order to participate to conferences or to conduct interviews related to the residency project. Any travel abroad should be announced and justified to the Brocher Foundation by filling the appropriate form available at the secretariat. As there is considerable competition for visits at the Brocher Foundation, it is unreasonable to leave a place unused that would readily have been accepted by another candidate. If one of those rules were not being followed, the Brocher Foundation reserves the right to ​interrupt the payment of  the scholarship ​or even stop the stay.

Additional scholarships for junior researchers

Junior Researchers applying to the “Call for visiting researchers 2019” can apply for an additional scholarship consisting of a 15.- Swiss francs per diem in order to cover their local expenses in Geneva ​(lunches, ​public transportation, etc).

The Brocher Foundation also offers to cover the Junior Researcher’s plane or train ticket in economy class to Geneva (round trip) up to a maximum amount, depending on where the visiting ​Researcher lives (this is having no impact on the examination process):

  • Europe up to 400.- Swiss francs
  • North America / Latin America / Africa / Asia up to 1’500.- Swiss francs
  • Oceania up to 2’600.- Swiss francs

Due to these fixed amounts, the Brocher Foundation recommends that visiting Researchers book their travel to Geneva as early as possible. Other travel costs (including transfers to/from airport or station, taxi, visa, luggage excess, etc.) are not covered by the Foundation. Researchers are responsible for arranging their own travel tickets before arrival. Reimbursement will be done upon ​arrival, by ​cash, at the secretariat.

To be eligible for the scholarship a Researcher should be a PhD student or should have obtained his/her PhD degree within five years and should not be paid by his/her institution during the time spent at the Brocher Centre. The Researcher is requested to provide the Brocher Foundation with all the relevant documents from his/her institution proving his/her eligibility for the scholarship (a letter confirming that he/she will receive no income during the residency and a copy of the registration for a postgraduate course or a copy of the PhD degree). If the requested documents are not provided within the deadline, the scholarship will NOT be granted anymore.


A workshop is arranged by the Foundation each month, in the first two weeks of the stay. The selected visiting Researchers are required to introduce their background and the outline of their research projects to the other visiting Researchers and some representants of international organizations, NGOs and academic institutions (15 minutes).

When participating in conferences, visiting Researchers must mention their position as visiting Researcher at the Brocher Foundation and use the Brocher Foundation logo in all relevant documents (conference program, powerpoint presentation). Example: Professor, University of X, Visiting Researcher, Brocher Foundation.


At the end of their stay, the Researchers shall submit an activity report to the Scientific Committee. They shall also acknowledge in any publication resulting from their Brocher residency that they have been supported by the Brocher Foundation, together with providing with the website of the Foundation. In addition, they shall provide the Foundation with one copy of their work (book, or article) at least one month after publication.

Accommodation ​and workplace

The Brocher Foundation provides Researchers with an accommodation and a workplace in its beautiful domain. The accommodation is situated on the premises of the Foundation. We offer large rooms with a desk or a smaller room with a separate office. Accommodation and workplace are ​attributed ​for ​the entire stay. The checkout on departure day must be done before 10:00 am.

Application date
15 Jan 2018
1-3 months
Europe Switzerland
Humanities History Social sciences Business and Administrative Sciences Demography Economics Environmental Sciences Gender Studies Law Pedagogic & Education Research Political science Psychology & Cognitive Sciences Social Anthropology Sociology Other Biology Medicine
Required post-doc experience: 
between 0 and 99 years
Award granted
Accommodation and meals; only for junior researchers: CHF 15/day + travel cost