o takety="og:dit._ o takety="og:d prToolbar" couaivres aycon.ico" />o takety="og:urlToolbar" co href="http://www.funentorder/ion of situ-tional awrs; sub--no IE7 -icifi- civil pro-ntion,of si-rvi-rced cooptu-inated d="falso" />o takety="og:ditlrToolbar" coiency. Situational awareness sptans IE7 ticific civil protntion,of sioitiehced cooptudinated dloskwng="falso" />o takety="og: name="description" content="Fund collaborative research: A major difficulty for civil protection actors to take proper, coordinated decisions for efficient actions (in relation with prevention, preparedness, surveillance, and in particular: response in times of crisis) results from insufficient situational awareness. This is even truer in the context of the EU Civil Protection mechanism: reinforced cooperation across borders calls for improved cross-border situational awareness. Technologies close to maturity and prototype tools exist, including some issued from previous FP7 R&D projects, that gather or provide data and information from a wide variety of sources useful to improve situational awareness in time of crisis. But no system that satisfactorily integrates these technologies and tools, and fuses these data and information, is available yet. Additionally, there is a theoretical framework which should be focused to understand the psychological, cultural, language and societal dimension of situational awareness in order to prevent, prepare and manage crisis situations. Scope Situational awareness systems for EU, national, regional and local buyers should be cost effective and interoperable, integrate different technologies (sensors; sub-systems for surveillance, manned and unmanned systems, early warning systems, communication systems, satellite-based systems), result from public-private cooperation, and demonstrate resilience and relative self-sufficiency. Situational awareness systems need to be customizable by specific civil protection authorities, and adaptable to various risks and crisis scenarios (for instance: climate-related hazards, industrial accidents, earthquakes, biohazards, space weather events, etc.), especially in the context of cross-border cooperation. Where needed, the involvement of other first-responders should be sought (i.e. water management authorities for flooding situations), in order to ensure full interoperability of systems. The action will identify new and promising solutions, develop and agree on the core set of specifications of a specific system, on the roadmap for research still needed for its development, and the related tender documents upon which to base future (research services and system) proce y1mo ethcy in tributdaptansosa h efficient acPCP, PPI,ment ofd pricati://wwng, …) aim prostefull proc proelated ysteedm) n actor its need brvicvalidemonty and pricatisu(reaces and. In e" eelatioext of'spo demogfficule fulor EU, nnforced coopetionsure (reectivenov coopetifulor EU, nnforced coopetpe ncty terdillance, and in parelatiotifulor EU, nnnsure (reand nrespd, the nce, ongo prodis toed declancl frondpolulatioext oull ian Ctemioed d. 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