Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Development (Cider)

Universidad de los Andes

Cider seeks to contribute to a better understanding and explanation of strategic themes within development studies. The emphasis is, on the one hand, on the analysis, design and evaluation of public policies, institutions and organizations with an impact in development processes and, on the other hand, on understanding the territorial dimensions of development. The Center produces research and training aimed at improving the knowledge of persons, groups, communities and organisations so that they can take action at different levels (from the local to the global) with the intention of fostering social change. It is a research center recognized by Colciencias (Colombia’s Science Agency) given the  contribution of its research products and outcomes in the economic and social transformation of the country.

Cider defines itself as an interdisciplinary research center with professors and researchers who have solid disciplinary foundations. At Cider, interdisciplinarity is conceived as an approach and as a work method, both in teaching and researching as well as in the spreading of knowledge and research outcomes through publishing and consultancy assignments.

Despite using development as a unifying notion, research at Cider is based on the idea of bringing together different approaches, positions and disciplines. The final aim is to undertake research that contributes to a critical analysis of the multiple dimensions of development based on scientifically rigorous principles and academic excellence.

Cider is organised academically around three research programs which touch on different themes and problems which are considered strategic to development processes in general and, particularly, the development of Colombia. These research programs are:

  • Territory, environment and development
  • Gender, equality and development
  • Institutions, conflict and development

In terms of academic programs, Cider offers three executive specialisation programs (State, Public Policy and Development; Social Responsibility and Development; and Regional Development Management); two Master programs (Master in Interdisciplinary Studies on Development and a soon to open Master in City and Regional Planning); a PhD in Development studies, that will open in Fall 2016; and a minor in Development Studies is offered in the undergraduate program.

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