Francke Foundations in Halle

The Francke Foundations in Halle, founded in 1695 as a Pietistic social and educational work by August Hermann Francke, are today still a modern educational cosmos closely connected with their history. They feel bound to a double heritage: the responsibility for the salvation and lasting preservation of the building ensemble and the historical collections as well as the task of continuing the ideas and traditions of their founder into the future. Today we see ourselves duty bound to do justice to both the material and idealist heritage that has been passed down.

Since the revival of the Foundations in 1992 institutions, which have close connections to Francke's ideas and work, have been settled into the historical buildings.With their 40 partner institutions the Foundations today are a unique centre of cultural, scientific, educational, social and Christian institutions, a complex with kindergartens, children’s creativity centre, schools, a House of Generations, a youth workshop, a bible centre, traditional commercial enterprises, archives, libraries, museums, university and non-university research facilities and much more. Today over 4000 people again learn, teach, work and live in the Francke Foundations.

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