Hellenic Agricultural Organization (DEMETER)

The Hellenic Agricultural Organization – DEMETER (2011) is the new organization which resulted from the merge of the National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF) of Greece, established in 1989, with three other Greek organizations of the agricultural sector. All the activities and obligations of NAGREF have been passed to the new organization.

For over two decades, issues of high importance for the agricultural sector, such as integrated crops management and development, environment and ecosystems protection, livestock improvement and breeding, organic agriculture, animals, fisheries, forestry and public health protection etc. are approached in the spirit of agricultural research in the service of society and implemented with the application of new technologies.

The target groups affected by the activity of the organization are farmers, consumers, educational organizations, local authorities, non-governmental organizations, research organizations / researchers, SMEs and students.

  • Fund collaborative research
Europe Greece
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