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The Prometeo Project is an initiative of the Ecuadorian government that seeks to strengthen research, academy, and knowledge transference in specialized topics through the incorporation of foreign and Ecuadorian experts  (who live abroad) to different host institutions. It is aimed at universities, polytechnic schools, public research institutes, and other public or co-financed institutions that require assistance in the development of research projects in areas of priority. The time of incorporation of the Prometeos may be from 2 months to one year (not necessarily in consecutive periods), during which they will develop a joint project with their host institution that will contribute in areas such as: life sciences, natural resources, innovation, production, social sciences, education, art, and culture.

Why Ecuador?

There are countless reasons to visit Ecuador and join Prometeo: from multiple research opportunities in public institutes and universities to the possibility to explore the natural and cultural diversity of one of the 17 most biodiverse countries in the world. Ecuador possesses a huge potential to develop all kinds of research projects. Its infrastructure in libraries, classrooms, and labs make it a true scientific destination. Its natural environments, its population, and development are a fertile field for research. Ecuador counts with: national research institutes, dedicated to scientific projects in environmental sciences, natural resources, biotechnology, agricultural development, health, and oceanography

  • Universities and polytechnic schools that develop lines of investigation in every area related to science and technology
  • Several areas regarded as diversity “hot-spots”
  • It is part of the Tropical Andes, the most diverse region on Earth. It contains about a sixth of all vegetal life of the planet in less than 1% of its surface
  • It’s a culturally diverse country; 15 indigenous nationalities live in the country, each with its own customs, gastronomy, festivities, and keep 13 native languages, plus different dialects in each region.
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