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Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows Program in Taiwan

Academia Sinica (AS), the most eminent national research institution in Taiwan, provides a well-developed research environment for about 600 postdoctoral fellows.  Each year, we offer a favourable research opportunity for both domestic and international postdoctoral researchers. Candidates can easily find their fields of interests in versatile areas of mathematics and physical sciences, life sciences, humanities and social sciences at AS.

Modern Philosophy Post-doc Position in Naples University

The research program Modernity and Contemporary Re-readings of Authors, Concepts, Problems of Modern Thought (MOSCHO), focuses on the reception of modern philosophy in European culture during the first half of the 20th century, particularly on the Frankfurt School.

It includes the organization of a seminar cycle on “Reason and Modernity” and a conference on “Readings of Modern Philosophy in the 19th Century and the Beginning of the 20th”.

The post-doc fellow:

Università Federico II di Napoli (UNINA)

Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, King of Sicily and a Holy Roman emperor, established the University of Naples as the studium with an imperial...

NWO Visitor's Travel Grant to the Netherlands

Continuous application

Researchers in the Netherlands can apply for a visitor's grant for highly qualified senior researchers from abroad who hold a PhD. With this grant these researchers can stay in the Netherlands for a maximum of four months.


A visitor's grant is intended for the visit of a foreign researcher who makes an important contribution to a ongoing Dutch research project.

Research Groups at ZiF Bielefeld

The ZiF offers the opportunity to establish an interdisciplinary Research Group in the academic year 2021/22.  For several months up to one year fellows reside at the ZiF and work together on a broader research theme. ZiF provides funding, support by a research group coordinator, and a professional infrastructure (i.e. accommodation, conference facilities).

The Research Group may be applied for in two different formats:

Rannís Postdoctoral Fellowships in Iceland

The Icelandic Research Fund (IRF) is an open competitive fund which provides research grants according to the general priorities of the Icelandic Science and Technology Policy Council and based on peer review of proposals. 

The role of the IRF is to enhance scientific research (basic and applied) and research education in Iceland. For this purpose the IRF awards funding to research students and research projects led by individuals, research teams, universities, research institutes, and companies (cf. Act 3/2003 with later amendments).

Taiwan Fellowships for Research on Taiwan, Mainland China, the Asia-Pacific Region and Chinese Studies

MOFA Taiwan Fellowship is established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to award foreign experts and scholars interested in researches related to Taiwan, cross-strait relations, Asia-Pacific region and Sinology to conduct advanced research at universities or academic institutions in Taiwan. Up to now, there have been 934 scholars from 78 countries being accepted by this program.

Researcher Recruitment at Waseda Institute for Advanced Study

Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS) was established in September 2006 to enable promising and talented researchers to focus on their research activities under fixed-term contracts in a rich research environment. Around 30 researchers have been working on advanced research in a wide range of themes and with no limitation as to field of study. WIAS is currently recruiting researchers for AY2020 as detailed below.

Recruitment Fields

Fields corresponding to the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences

Number of Positions

About 10

DAAD Research Stays in Germany for University Academics and Scientists

DAAD grants provide foreign academics and scientists with an opportunity to carry out research and continue their education in Germany. There are funding programmes for various qualification phases and stages in a career.

The aim of this particular programme is to support short-term research stays and thus promote the exchange of experience and networking amongst colleagues.

Who can apply?

University teachers and established academics and scientists who have usually completed a doctoral degree and work at a university or research institute in their home country.